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Labour’s Blues #3 – a coherent ‘anti-theory’ theory that must be challenged

by David Pavett.

In Labour’s Blues #1, I attempted an overview of the recent book Blue Labour – Forging a New Politics . This was followed by Labour’s Blues #2 in which I questioned the values of Catholic Social Teaching (CST) which  receives high praise in Blue Labour. In this last piece I return to the arguments of Blue […]

Labour’s Blues #2 – Catholic doctrine and defence of the existing social order

by David Pavett.

In Labour’s Blues – anti-secular, anti-rational, more radical conservative than socialist?, I pointed out that the recent book Blue Labour – Forging a New Politics is marked by an anti-secular and anti-rationalist theme running throughout its pages. Further, it claims great importance for religious insights in general and of Catholic Social Thought (CST) in particular as a […]

Labour’s Blues – anti-secular, anti-rational, more radical conservative than socialist?

by David Pavett.

With the 2015 general election almost upon us everyone knows that, even with the boosting effect (for the big parties) of our first past the post system, Labour is unlikely to win a majority of seats. The outcome of the election is especially unpredictable due to the decline of the major parties and the rise […]

There is nothing radical about little Englandism

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

I’m not an avid follower of Paul Kingsnorth’s work, but I do remember his One No, Many Yeses. This was a contribution – some may say cash-in – to the burgeoning library on the internationalist, anti-capitalist, and fashionably networky movement of sundry NGOs, anarchists and occasional Trots of the early part of the last decade. […]

Fight austerity not migrants

by Barry Gray.

Last week’s local and European elections, alongside opinion polls, suggest Labour should win next year’s General Election, but only if the decline in its support since late 2012 is halted at this point. Labour’s share of the European election vote was 25 per cent and its national equivalent vote (NEV) share of the local election […]

Red, white, (purple) or blue? Just Labour

by Lucy Reese.

It was an event I’d been looking forward to for a while – a debate on the future of Labour. The speakers were Owen Jones (needs no introduction), Richard Angell of Progress and Patrick McFarlane of so-called Blue Labour.

Blue Labour is a blind alley

by Diane Abbott.

Blue Labour: gone and best forgotten

by Darrell Goodliffe.

Maurice Glasman really needs help with his grenade-throwing addiction. It is not a good sign when you are so desperate to do it that you casually lob one into your own home. His  interview in the Daily Telegraph in which he aligned himself with the immigration policy of the British National Party and UKIP has destroyed Blue […]

Blue Labour debate: Glasman, Abbott and Flint

by Jon Lansman.

Good performance by Diane, especially on immigration, social housing and casualisation of labour. Form your own judgement!

The demolition of Maurice Glasman

by Jon Lansman.

Last night on the subject of Blue Labour, Helen Goodman MP (with a bit of help from Comrade Paxman) had the better of Maurice Glasman (or as Paxman had it “Goldman…sorry Grassman”). You can judge for your self here or read this transcript:

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