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The six most popular stories last week

  1. Mail on Sunday in smear attempt on John O’Farrell – Jon Lansman shows how the Mail distorted extracts from a comic account of “eighteen miserable years in the life of a Labour supporter” under Thatcher and Major
  2. Ed’s speech and the elephant in the audience – The good bits, the pleasing noises and the continuing silence of Britain’s “debt problem”.
  3. Translated today. Or maybe yesterday; I don’t know – Jack Dunleavy looks at a new translation of Albert Camus’ The Outsider.
  4. Eight reasons why things can only get better in Eastleigh – Jon Lansman justifies making the Eastleigh by-election a major priority for Labour.
  5. Lessons on Ecuador’s progressive alternatives to neo-liberal crisis – Lee Brown outlines the issues at stake in this weekend’s election.
  6. The compulsive radio of a fascinating, worrying interview– Keir McCormack considers what made controversialist columnist Julie Birchill’s Desert Island Discs such compulsive listening.

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