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The six most popular stories this week

Join the protests against the ‘Bedroom Tax’ –  Jon Lansman reported on over 55 protests around the country with links to more information.This piece had over 5000 hits – the highest ever for an article on Left Futures.

Up your bedroom tax, Duncan Smith! – Michael Meacher exolains why Duncan Smith’s backtracking isn’t nearly enough, why protest is important and what other benefit changes are to come.

Austerity isn’t supposed to help the economy – but to protect the rich – Mike Hedges attacks Osborne’s austrity policies and exposes the real justification.

On Progress and the parliamentary candidate selection process – Paul Cotterill responds to the Progress attack on new selection rules designed to increase member participation and assist working-class candiates.

Trade union freedom or growing inequality: your choice – Adrian Weir explaijns why we need a new Campaign for Trade Union Freedom.

The strange behaviour of Tower Hamlets Labour Group – Rainsborough describes how Lutfur Rahman’s progressive ‘Labour’ budget prompts the Tower Hamlets Labour Group to ally with the Tories.

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