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Labour NEC decides not to pursue complaint against Livingstone

The Labour Party NEC Disputes Committee recently discussed the case of the Tower Hamlets councillors who have “automatically” placed themselves outside the Labour Party by campaigning for Lutfur Rahman.

At the same meeting, a fly on the wall tells me, the Disputes Committee held a discussion on Ken Livingstone’s actions, and they decided that because Ken had put out a statement clearly encouraging a first preference vote for Labour’s Helal Abbas, they have decided not to pursue the matter any further.

Ken Livingstone has agreed to meet with the chair of the NEC and the party’s General Secretary to discuss any outstanding issues.

A great decision by the NEC Disputes Committee, showing they understand the need to contain the damage from Tower Hamlets, and not let it spread out to the whole of London and beyond. Now let us unite to oppose the Tories

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  1. David Sankey says:

    Bring back labour’s real campaigners for local communities, like Eileen Short! Read Christine Shawcroft’s account of the NEC and think on At the moment the party is failing its members and the wider working class.

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