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Labour MPs who voted for Dorries

For the record the eleven MPs who voted for the Dorries amendment were: Roy Joe Benton, Rosie Cooper, Jim Dobbin, Tom Docherty, Robert Flello, Mary Glindon, Tom Greatrex, Stephen Pound, Lindsay Frank Roy, Gavin Shuker and Keith Vaz. Voting against were 212 Labour MPs which means that there were 33 abstainers or absent – a smaller proportion than on the Tory side.


  1. Chris says:

    I’m very much opposed to such anti-abortion measures, but that said, I’m not terribly fussed if a few Labour MPs vote for them. There have always been some social conservatives in the party and I don’t think voting against abortion is a betrayal in the same way that, say, voting for privatisation of public services is.

  2. Andrea says:

    Joe Benton, not Roy. But it’s not important

    Frank Roy, not Lindsay. And it’s more important as there’s also a Lindsay Roy MP (who voted against)

  3. redmik says:

    Whipped by the Pope ?

  4. Alan Barrett says:

    I thought this was a non whip vote, therefore MPs are allowed to vote as their consciences direct them. It was doomed to failure because too many PC brigade numpties decry anything that makes their argument invalid. I firmly believe that more needs to be done to counsel those about to have an abortion, and not just from the pro-abortionists. That being said, the anti-abortionists can be just as pathetically extreme. There needs to be something better than what we have, just nothing faith led (and I speak as a Christian who has had to deal with such issues in my former job as a youth worker).

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