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The six most popular stories this week

  1. Congratulations Sarah: now let’s learn the lessons of Rotherham – Conrad Landin says that Labour’s victory is no reason to forget the need to abandon NEC selections.
  2. Mark Carney’s shock appointment means more of the same – “Be very afraid,” says Ann Pettifor. “Business-as-usual will prevail. And nothing will be done to constrain the City, and therefore to prevent the next collapse of the financial system.”
  3. UKIP’s Foster Care “Scandal” – Phil Burton-Cartledge attempts to inject some common sense into a news story full of tabloid hype and political capital.
  4. Is there bias on BBC Question Time? – Perhaps the main parties are weighted fairly evenly, says Phil Burton-Cartledge, “but come on, leading trade unionists combined have been on less than Nigel Farage!”
  5. Payday loans: not a black and white issue (in reply to Chris Willow) – critics of the high-profile campaign against legal loan-sharking are guilty of simplification, says Carl Packman.
  6. Victimisation of students forces UCL occupation to withdraw – Keith Wright reports on the short-lived student sit-in protesting against the leading university’s new campus, which will see the demolition of hundreds of council homes in east London.

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