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The six most popular stories this week

The top six

1.  The Blairite plot to discredit unions in general and Len McCluskey in particular: (for the third week running) Jon Lansman tracks the trouble-stirring back to Progress.

2.  Is this the roadmap to the end of Labourism? Far from giving Labour a mass working class base, is Ed bringing about “the kind of slow but sure decline which – deservedly – affects parties that have ceased to serve any distinctive political purpose” of which his father warned, asks Jon Lansman.

3.  The trade union story the papers won’t cover: Phil Burton-Cartledge tells how workers who have been unfairly dismissed or discriminated against must now pay through the nose for access to justice at employment tribunals, with no guarantee of getting it back even if they win.

4.  Go Home’ vans must be challenged: Ben Folley attacks the government attempt to scare and scapegoat immigrants.

5.  Unite is at a turning point in its relationship with the Labour Party: Len McCluskey’s speeck to Unite’s executive and regional political committees.

6.  London Young Labour defends the trade union link: A news story on London Young Labour coming out overwhelmingly in favour of defending the party-trade union link.

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