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The six most popular stories this week

  1. The top sixIs Brighton Pavillion CLP on the brink of selecting an extremist bigot? Thankfully, they weren’t, or they realised they were and made amends! Purna Sen was selected as parliamentary candidate yesterday, but here Andy Newman warns of what could have been had the party opted for Anne-Marie Waters.
  2. The anatomy of a Con Home hack-job – Phil Burton-Cartledge deconstructs the Tory blog’s attack on trade union members in local government
  3. The disgraces of the UK Coal demise – Jack Tunmore asks why there has been so little coverage of huge cuts to the pensions and fuel allowances of miners and their widows, following the privatised coal industry entering administration
  4. Yes to a union voice, no to state funding – Mark Seddon shines a spotlight on what the Blairites have been up to following the Falkirk debacle
  5. The Blairite plot to discredit unions in general and Len McCluskey in particular – from last week, Jon Lansman tracks the trouble-stirring back to Progress
  6. Is there going to be another crisis? Of course there is – Ann Pettifor is as convincing as ever

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