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The six most popular stories this week

  1. The top sixLabour Students no longer bothers to pretend it’s not just Progress’ youth wing. So far, almost 2,000 people have clicked onto Michael Wood’s astonishing article on the shenanigans at NOLS political weekend – and it’s counting! He tells of how Labour Students and Progress bigwigs “bullied” young members to join the shady party-within-a-party. A fascinating read.
  2. It‘s Labour’s executive being sidelined in party management shenanigans – Jon Lansman tells the worrying tale of the appointment of Spencer Livermore, and how the NEC and even the general secretary are being pushed aside.
  3. Prime Minister’s questions in now the pits and needs radical reform – Michael Meacher gives his considered response to being accused of being on “mind-altering substances” after asking a serious question to David Cameron.
  4. Watch: an idiot’s guide to free speech – a section of the Twitterati accused Owen Jones of “undermining free speech” for saying he’d withdraw from the Stop the War conference if Syrian nun Mother Agnes was on the platform. But they hadn’t counted on the shrewd demolition they’d take from vlogger Steve Doran! (@girlsteve on Twitter)
  5. Will the Labour right maintain its unholy alliance in internal elections? An insightful analysis from Jon Lansman on the upcoming elections for Labour’s executive, an election where Progress consistently fail to make headway.
  6. Ann Black’s report from Labour’s November executive – she never fails to report back to the members who elected her to the NEC.

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