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The six most popular stories this week

  1. The top sixNow universities openly campaign against left-wing students – Keith Wright looks behind the recent headlines about police surveillance, evictions of occupations and the proposed abolition of the University of London Union (ULU).
  2. Labour Students no longer bothers to pretend it’s not just Progress’ youth wing – still getting lots of hits, here’s Michael Wood’s shocking account of the Labour Students political weekend from last week. “All throughout the weekend,” he writes, Progress official Ben Dilks and Chair of Scottish Labour Students, Stephen Donnelly, bullied activists to join Progress.” Incendiary stuff!
  3. Labour needs a strong union link with a more democratic Labour party – Jim Kelly, chair of Unite’s London and Eastern region, makes an important contribution to the current debates about the future of the party-union link.
  4. In the Belly of the Beast – our update on the new edition of Socialist Register, which marks 50 years of the publication’s history.
  5. Only an injection of politics can save the NHS – Geoff Ellis updates us on the critical situation of the health service, and the recently-established “People’s Enquiry”.
  6. Stupid empiricism and the Conservative party – Phil Burton-Cartledge gives us a thorough and compelling account of “Crosbyisation”.


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