The six most popular stories this week

  1. Labour success spoilt once again by selection shenanigans – Michael Meacher comments on the Rotherham selection process.
  2. Ten things the Blairites don’t get – an excellent piece by Unite Chief of Staff, Andrew Murray, originally posted over a year ago but stil just as valid.
  3. Can we trust the corporates (Mark 2)? – bribery & extortion – Michael Meacher on the outrageous behaviour of Carillion at Swindon hospital.
  4. Don’t sneer at poor people for eating junk food – Lucy Reese takes aim at more demonisation of the working class.
  5. Video: Rotherham deputy leader confronts party official at selection meeting – in spite of all the shenanigans since, this is still popular.
  6. Europe needs a citizens’ revolution, declare Lafontaine and Mélenchon – a key statement on austerity in Europe by two of Europe’s best known Left leaders.